Add your own event

Submit your own event to and get it listed in our events calendar for free. You will have to register first, then you can add as many events as you like. 

To view our terms & conditions for submitting events, please click here.

If your having any issues, please get in touch here.

Events are not added to the calendar instantly and will be reviewed before being published. You can view your list of events here:

Mobile submissions are possible but not recommended.

How to submit your event?

Adding your event Title & Description

The first two boxes on the form are your event title and event description.  The event title will be the name of your event and the event description should describe what your event is all about.

Event Title

Your event title is the first thing to get noticed and is the name of your event. To maximize your event’s chances of online exposure, try to avoid a title too short or too long.

Event Description

Your event description will describe your event so you should aim to include a good amount of detail here. The more you include the more likely search engines will give your event online exposure.

Adding your event Time & Date

This next section covers the time and date section on the events submission form. Here you can select if you want your event to display once or once a week automatically.


Start / End date

When setting up the time and date for your event, lookout for the helpful text that changes depending on your selected options. Examples of this text are:

Start/End time: An event every week that begins at 8:00AM on Thursday, repeating until 6th September 2018.

Event Series: This event is from 8:00am to 5:00pm on 6th September 2018.

If you are running an all day event, click the all day event checkbox before selecting your start date. This option doesn’t require times to be set.

If the event finishes on the same day but is not an all day event, you’ll need to include start and end times. First select your starting date and end date, they should both be the same day. Next add your event start and end time, this should update the dynamic text for you to review.

If your event is more then one day, set the end date and time accordingly.

This section covers adding a featured image to your event, if you would like more than one image please contact us here.

Uploading your image

Before uploading your image, please make sure:

  • The width of your image is no wider then 880px.
  • Avoid compressing the image, the website will compress it for you.
  • Name the image appropriately with spaces and no special characters.
Adding your events Organiser, Category & Venue

This section covers adding the events organiser, category and venue to your event submission. If you would like to add an oraniser, category or venue to our list, please contact us here.


Adding your event organiser, category & venue

​Select a relevant value from each of the dropdowns to add to your event submission. If you are unsure or do not make a selection, a default langport organiser and venue will be added.

Adding your events Website & Event Costs

This section covers the final part of the form, the event website and event cost ( If applicable ).

Add your website ( Preferably HTTPS ) and event costs ( If applicable ) to complete your application.