Langport Town Hall

Located in the centre of the town, the Grade 2 listed Town Hall was built in 1733 and is owned by the Town Trust.  The Town Clerk’s office is here, and it’s where the Town Council normally meets.

IMG_8123                    Town Hall from the garden
At various times the building has housed the town’s horse-drawn fire engine, the cells and the county court. It was also used as a market area. The building is now home to Langport Town Council, Somerset Arts Week (SAW) and Chypps. In the Undercroft of the Town Hall, you will find Kelways Plants and Produce.

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The Town Clock

The town clock is an unusual octagonal shape, and is in need of a bit of TLC.

IMG_5484The original clock was installed in 1802, but it has been replaced several times since then.  The present one may date from the late 1890s,and was probably made in London.

In the 1830s and 1840s Langport was home to three or four clockmakers, but the town clock was probably made by Abraham How, a clock maker from Taunton.  Unfortunately it was not terribly reliable, and he was often called back to put it right.

At any rate, the coming of the railways brought some standardisation of what had previously been different timekeeping in different parts of the country. GMT was not legally adopted in Great Britain until 1880, and Langport seems to have had its own ideas of what the right time was. The Taunton Courier of 24 May 1854 paints a delightful picture of ‘Langport time’: “The old town clock, here, is determined to set its face against any innovations; since the Railway has been opened it has generally stuck to the old time. Although it may be in reality right, many a luckless traveller has found himself really wrong by depending on it, and frequently is he seen rushing on the Parrett bridge out of breath, just in time to see the train off, and to receive the congratulations of the boatmen who loiter there.”