Action on HGV’s in Langport

Cheapside, Langport


Action on HGV’s in Langport

At Langport Town Council meeting held on 7 June, it was announced that Langport Town Council and Somerset County Council, who have been working together for some months, in light of on-going concerns from local residents, are reviewing and amending the way in which permit(s) can be obtained.

Currently 5 permits are allowed to each Company, but we are looking to reduce this to a maximum of two permits per business. We will be seeking to reduce the overall number of permits as far as possible in order to lessen the impact of Large Goods Vehicles on the local community. Langport Town Council is looking to work alongside the Police to self-enforce this weight limit.

The Town Council in July will consider the measures that the Town Clerk has discussed with Somerset County Council and Avon and Somerset Police, and hopefully the outcome of this will be for the Town Council to set–up a community HGV watch group, that will log the details of any HGV that is seen travelling though the town without a permit. A letter will initially be sent to the company, and if they continue to ignore the restrictions then details will be passed onto the Police for action, or even the Traffic Commissioners, who have the power to revoke Operators’ Licenses.

The Town Clerk adds – “However, we cannot stop all HGV vehicles entering Langport as certain businesses have a legitimate right of access within the current weight limit, such as deliveries to a business or Westover Industrial Estate, which is permitted irrespective of permits. Checks will be made to ensure that any HGVs that don’t have a permit, are only making deliveries”.


For more information please contact David Mears, Town Clerk 01458 259700 or