The Langport Leveller

You may have heard that hard copy newspapers are dead? Not round here they’re not! Our papers are produced on the 15th of every month look at how they’ve grown. Starting with a circulation of 1,000 papers in 2010, by 2016 we had in excess of 7,200 across 3 editions.

We don’t do gossip and trivia. We don’t do advertorials either.

What we do instead is ask the difficult questions, hold local politicians to account and cover the news stories that really matter to our readers. Sadly too many local papers now file this sort of thing in the “too hard basket”. That is why so many people are reading our papers.

And that is good for our advertisers. We have worked hard to keep our ad rates low so local businesses have an outlet to target the wider world and let it know what they can offer. And just look at the fantastic array of unique businesses we have around here.

We sell black and white ads with a few slots available in colour.

If you’d like to find out more about our papers and how to advertise with us, contact me on or Ruth on