Langport Lorry Watch

This is Lorry Watch week.  Look out for the team in high-vis vests under the Town Hall undercroft.  If you would like to join the team, email

Here’s what it’s about:

Would you like to do something about the heavy lorries coming through Langport? Join our Lorry Watch team and help us to monitor HGV traffic.

Volunteers will be in teams of three, and will record HGV traffic for a one-hour period. This will include photographing registration plates, and you will be provided with an official camera, high-visibility vest, safety advice, background information and recording sheets.

What you will do

We usually have 3 team members: a spotter, a photographer and a recorder.  One person spots any HGVs who are not making deliveries, and identifies the company name, one person photographs the registration plate, and one records the details on the form.

What happens next

After we’ve collected the data, we check whether companies may have a permit.  If not, their registration number is checked on the DVLA website to confirm the vehicle’s weight.  If it is over 7.5 tonnes, a warning letter is sent to the transport manager of the company concerned, attaching the photo of the incident.  The police will prosecute repeat offenders.

If you can spare a couple of hours, please email me on or phone 0792 146 1765.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Janet Seaton

Chair, Langport Town Council