LangFest17 launch

Langport Festival logo

There was a great turnout at the launch of LangFest17 held on 8 March at Kitchen at the Wharf. Over 60 people filled the room and gave a very positive and enthusiastic response to the ideas put forward. Driven by Peter Roberts, Louise Barrett and Sarah Peterkin, the vision is to shine a light on the town as a vibrant, creative community involving the people who live, work and visit Langport in a weekend of creative events.

LangFest17 will take place on 15-17 Sept 2017 in halls, schools, cafes, outside spaces, pubs, shops, houses, gardens and streets – wherever people live and meet.

Anyone is invited to put on a creative event. To help get inspired there is a theme of “A Painting for the Weekend”. The chosen painting is Pieter Breugel’s ‘The Harvesters’. To see a poster of the painting pop into Kitchen at the Wharf or GingerFred Dance Studio or Langport Library. Leaflets showing the painting will soon be available to pick up around town.  Your event could be loosely inspired by this painting in any number of ways – we’re happy to give you a long list of examples. Or just come up with an idea of your own!

To submit an idea for a creative event and to get more information, or to volunteer and help with running the event, please email us at

More open public meetings will follow next month so just email us to get your name on our database. Watch this space as more news unfolds!