Get to know Langport

The Langport leaflet tells you about the people and places that have shaped Langport’s unique historic character. Find out about … Read More

Langport’s Hall of Fame

Many notable people are associated with Langport. Some of them have international reputations, but are little known in their local … Read More


portcullis logo

Langport adopted the symbol of the portcullis with flying chains in the 15th century. It was the badge of Lady … Read More

Langport’s highlights

Our 5 top reasons to come to Langport: independent shops, historic buildings, riverside walks, original crafts, and lots of cafés. … Read More

Battle of Langport

A reenactment of the battle of langport

The Battle of Langport, which took place on 10th July 1645, was an important battle late in the English Civil … Read More

Early history

In pre-roman Britain the river Parrett was the border between the Durotriges to the West and the Atrebates to the … Read More